Protect and Defend America’s First Liberty:
Religious Freedom for All


We believe that the right of religious liberty is a fundamental human right, rooted in human dignity, and a powerful source of both individual and social flourishing. Religious free exercise is a cornerstone of our constitutional democracy. 

In guaranteeing the right of free exercise for everyone, the Founders intended to foster the full participation by all America’s diverse religious traditions in our public lives — as a source of public virtue; a limit on the authority of government; and a primary means of contributing to the public good.

The fight for and protection of religious freedom equality gave birth to America as a nation. America’s historic commitment to religious freedom for all stands as a guiding light to the world.


Unfortunately, this precious and invaluable right is under relentless attack in America. The results are undermining the constitutional rights of our citizens and threatening to do grave harm to our democratic system.
NCRF will respond to these challenges by educating the electorate on the meaning and value of religious freedom for all persons, and by supporting political candidates at the local, state, and national levels who support free-exercise equality.

NCRF is a non-partisan 501(c)4 organization that will support any candidate from any political party who supports religious freedom, and oppose any candidate of any political party who does not.

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